Plants That Heal: Indoor Therapeutic Gardens


Nestled in 80 tranquil acres, the design of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital was inspired by a northern Michigan lodge.  The two atriums at Henry Ford Hospital are considered to be the lungs of the facility. Combined, the atriums have approximately 2,500 live plants, installed as a design-build project by Planterra.

Features of the Atrium:

Natural Views All 300 inpatient rooms have views of nature overlooking the indoor atriums or the exterior woodlands surrounding the hospital. A Place of RefugeIsolated from the Main Atrium, the Quiet Atrium is insulated from distracting noises as a place of rest, rejuvenation and meditation. This area includes intimate seating areas and an interfaith sanctuary

Privacy Screening Plantings screen inpatient rooms which overlook the atriums. Isolated walking paths are integrated into the plan to provide for private, well-screened seating areas.

Clean Air Plants and trees with the highest toxin absorption rates were specified and planted, such varieties include the Peace Lily, Ficus and Boston Fern.

A Community Venue The Ravitz Foundation Main Atrium serves as a gathering place for patients, visitors, employees and the local community. The atrium contains an organic tea kiosk, a grand piano and ample space for events and fundraisers.

Real, Live Plants Management mandated that all plants be real to achieve the maximum healing benefits. Sanitized Plantings All plantings were grown, isolated and acclimated according to specific standards that ensure sanitation. The plants and trees are planted with a sterilized, soil-free mix. Expert Care The atriums are maintained under the supervision of senior horticultural specialists at Planterra using environmentally sound practices such as IPM management and sub-irrigation. Excellent maintenance is critical to delivering a healthy environment and long-term value.

“Plants bring nature inside the building so even in the off season times our community can still come here and be connected to nature, and really take advantage of it’s healing affects.”

-Gerard Van Grinsven, Former President and CEO, Henry Ford Hospital West Bloomfield

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