Indoor Plants Increase Employee Productivity

Plants in a Comp.Lab (photo credit Pullman, Washington — A study conducted by the College of Agriculture at Washington State University (WSU) shows that live interior plants increase employee productivity and reduce stress. The study, published in the “Journal of Environmental Horticulture,” reports that productivity increased 12 percent when people performed tasks on a computer with plants, compared people who performed the same task in a room without plants.


Productivity was measured by the response time. Professor Virginia Lohr, Ph.D of WSU said, “there was no difference in the number of errors. The big difference was the reaction time, how quickly they pressed the correct key when the plants were present.” “Plants are not just fluff,” says Dr. Lohr. “We have felt, and many people who work with plants intuitively believe, that having plants around is vital to our well-being.” For more information visit:

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