Planterra was founded in 1973 by Larry and Carol Pliska.  In the early 1970s modern buildings became the norm, glass and concrete boxes with little visual warmth or ornamentation.  These stark buildings created a demand for interior plants and maintenance services.  Planterra is among the first companies in the nation to solely specialize in interior landscaping, and was likely the first company in the geographic area of Detroit that professionalized this service.   Many of our first clients from the 1970s are still customers, which includes recognizable names such as automobile manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies.

Completed in 2010, the Conservatory is the result of the redevelopment of Planterra’s original 1930’s style greenhouses. The result has preserved the best of our old facility while providing a state of the art conservatory to showcase our unique selection.  This 23,000-square-foot feat of architecture design was created in Belgium (the Benelux region) and then sent in pieces to be reconstructed here in West Bloomfield.  Benelux is the horticulture capital of the world and the reconstruction was extremely precise, down to the millimeter. 11,000 square feet of the building is devoted to our collection of unique botanicals and is open year-round to the public for retail sales.

Today, Planterra is still a family business and is currently run by the Pliska’s son, Shane. Under his leadership the company has continued to be a leading provider of greenery in the workplace and has also expanded to provide display services and act as an event venue.  The company now stands with over 55 team members comprised of horticulturists, designers, technicians, administrative and events staff.